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Marketing Specialist
Work location: Shenzhen
Job Description

1. Develop marketing strategies and plans based on the company's development strategic goals and key project needs;
2. Responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing various types of exhibitions, seminars, training, department meetings, etc. based on market promotion plans;
3. Responsible for summarizing and analyzing market activities, establishing and improving the promotion process of market activities;
4. Be responsible for project information transmission and brand image construction of the company, writing and regular maintenance of the company's website, WeChat official account and other external publicity ports;
5. Be responsible for updating the content of the company's official account and building external media relations;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements

1. Major in biology and clinical medicine, or major in news communication, advertising, marketing, etc., with work experience in the medical industry, bachelor's degree or above;
2. Having at least 1 year of experience in copywriting and planning, and having participated in brand planning related activities is preferred;
3. Strong learning and written expression skills, sensitive to hot topics, good at exploring new channels and methods for effective planning and promotion, proficient in mastering and using office software such as PPT;
4. Outgoing and upright personality, with a sense of responsibility, and organized work.

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