Committed to be the leader in the industry
Founded in 2015, USKbio is a biological high-tech enterprise co-founded by a team of Chinese and American scientists and entrepreneurs.
We focus on in vitro molecular diagnostics, integrating product development, production, marketing and service, and has a complete industrial chain in molecular diagnostics.

We have declared 42 invention and utility model patents, and 28 authorized patents.
Business includes In Vitro Diagnostic reagents, medical laboratory analyzers and medical laboratory services.
USKbio IVD reagents products are based on three major technology platforms of gene detection, immunoassay and cytology.

USKbio has a professional R&D center and internationally standard GMP facilities. The R&D center is located in Guanlan High-tech Industrial Park, Longhua, Shenzhen.
The affiliated USK Medical laboratory covers an area of 1500 square meters and has an internationally advanced, comprehensive, and diverse testing platform.
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