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Human EGFR Gene Mutation Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR)
Product Introduction
EGFR is one of the most common driving gene in NSCLC. EGFR has become an important biomarker for tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in NSCLC patients.
ARMS, Blocker/PHO and fluorescent PCR are applied for detecting EGFR mutations.
Intended Use
This assay kit is used for qualitative detection of 31 EGFR somatic mutations in DNA samples extracted from peripheral blood of lung cancer patients. For patients with advanced lung cancer, peripheral blood samples can be utilized for EGFR mutation gene detection when pathologic tissue samples cannot be obtained. If pathologic tissue is available, it is recommended that the results of pathologic tissue testing be given priority.
Product advantages
High sensitivity: The assay kit can detect EGFR gene mutations with a low content of 0.1-0.5% in DNA samples about10 ng.
Comprehensive loci: 31 mutation sites can be detected, covering sensitive and resistant sites of first/second/third generation EGFR-TKIs.
Wide applicability: fresh, frozen, paraffin-embedded tissues; pleural fluid, serum, plasma.
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