Nucleic Acid Extraction
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FFPE DNA Extraction Kit
Product Introduction
FFPE DNA Kit is a centrifugal column extractor suitable for the extraction of total DNA from paraffin-embedded tissues or paraffin sections. It is optimized for the efficient purification of genomic DNA from FFPE tissues without overnight incubation.
Product Name
Udx FFPE DNA kit (Spin Column)
[Model] ctDNA-01 [Specification] 50 test/box [Product No.] USK-1004
Features and Advantages
Non-toxic, xylene-free, no need to be exposed to toxic reagents;
Quick, capable of completing the extraction process within 2 hours;
Highly sensitive, column-based DNA recovering at the pg level;
Cost-effective, higher than the vast majority of similar products in China;
Convenient storage, can be stored at room temperature for 12 months
Composed of digestive solution, protease K, binding solution, washing solution 1, washing solution 2, eluent, adsorption column, collection tube, etc
[Production Filing Certificate No.] No. 20180046
[Medical Device Filing Certificate No./Product Technical Requirements No.] No. 20180134
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